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“I want to support your health and beauty”
We will deliver bamboo charcoal products that are safe and secure.


Here at Takesumi no Sato, located deep in the mountains of Miyazaki and surrounded by nature, we produce bamboo charcoal and pyroligneous acid under our concept of beauty, health, and nature. In creating our products, our skilled craftsmen use specialized techniques using earthen furnaces used since long ago. How do we create genuine bamboo charcoal and high-quality pyroligneous acid that meets the standards of the customer?

The answers

We found simply came from the ingredient, “bamboo,” and how it’s grown. We grow Moso bamboo deep in the mountains of warm Miyazaki where there is no pollution. With our commitment and confidence in the ingredients we use, we are able to make high-quality bamboo charcoal and pyroligneous acid.

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Japanese no added color fragrance fine bamboo charcoal organic whitening soaps natural for cleaning and moisture skin
Free taste and smell natural bamboo extract charcoal powder for ice cream and puddings
Contain calcium kalium and iron black stick bamboo charcoal manufacturer
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Made prototype masks

A mask is a must-have item for bamboo charcoal production because pulverized coal dances, but I can’t get it … I made a prototype mask using the special non-woven fabric …